Get Moving in a Winter Wonderland!

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December 10, 2013 by thehealthyheartcenter


Just because the temperatures are dropping and you’re snowed in, doesn’t mean you and your kids can’t get a healthy dose of exercise in. Snowfall just means more opportunities to get creative when playing outside! Next time you have a snow day, don’t stay cooped up inside all day–play in the snow and get moving! Below is a list of snowy day activities you can do right in your backyard or around your neighborhood (inspired by

  • Hula Hoop–work your abdominal muscles extra hard in your snow gear. Make it a contest, and you won’t even realize you’re toning your muscles because you’re having so much fun!
  • Make a snowman…or your very own creation–rolling those giant balls of snow can be quite the workout, but the end result is always worth it. Don’t limit yourself to making just a traditional snowman; get creative and make a snow animal, like a polar bear or turtle.
  • Make Snow Angels–get those arms and legs moving by decorating your backyard with beautiful imprints in the snow.
  • Snow Art–fill water battles with food coloring to paint a work of art onto freshly laid snow.
  • “Tic-Tac-Snow”–trace lines into the snow to play a friendly game of tic-tac-toe. Collect sticks and pinecones to use as x’s and o’s!
  • “Frosty Toss”–have a snowball throwing contest by drawing a giant circle in the snow. Find out who has the strongest throwing arm by seeing who can land the most balls within the circle. This is a great alternative to traditional snowball fights, as it allows you exercise those throwing muscles without hurting anyone.
  • Go Sledding–if you’re lucky enough to have a hill in your backyard or in your neighborhood, bundle up and grab your sled! Sledding is fun within itself, and the hike back up the hill is a great leg workout! 
  • Snowy Golf–create your own winter wonderland golf course by digging holes in the snow. Grab some clubs, any small ball, and enjoy your day out on the course. 
  • Retrace Your Steps–have someone take the lead and create their own unique footprints in the snow. The people behind them have to walk directly in their footsteps without falling. This is a fun game that tests your balance and core strength! 

What are your favorite snowy day activities?



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