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November 21, 2013 by thehealthyheartcenter

With Thanksgiving approaching, it may be helpful to have these tips fresh in your mind to avoid overeating!

 Experts say that it is optimum to chew at least 10 times per bite, and here’s why:

  • Breaking up food enough before you swallow aids in digestion
  • Chewing well could reduce bloating caused by gas released by large pieces of food awaiting digestion & absorption
  • It takes longer, therefore your brain has enough time to catch up with your stomach to tell you when you’re full (put your fork down between bites; avoid going back for seconds until the last person at the table is finished)
  • Chewing slower allows you to savor and really enjoy the flavor of each bite
  • Lengthen the entertainment of the meal by eating slowly and engaging in conversation!





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