It’s Not Just the Food You Eat

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November 20, 2013 by thehealthyheartcenter

It’s not just the food you eat but the beverages you drink can also greatly contribute to your health. Beverages range in their amount of calories along with their nutrient content. There are many concerns with soft drink consumption as they contribute a generous amount of calories while little to no nutrients as opposed to other beverage options. Research studies have found a strong correlation between weight gain and soda consumption. Soft drink consumption may also reduce consumption of healtheir beverages and foods that are higher in nutrients. Children may not be as hungry and willing to eat their vegetables or drink other beverages after they have consumed soda. Soft drinks add about 229 calories per day for the average school-age child. They are the most popular snack for adolescent females contributing to about 6% of their daily caloric intake. And with the high amount of sugar in soft drinks they contribute to development of dental caries. 

Water consumption on the other hand is incredibly beneficial and it is important to make sure your child drinks enough everyday. It helps keep the body temperature constant, helps transport nutrients and oxygen to all cells, and carries waste products away. Water is sugar free, caffeine free and calorie free! It is the best source of hydration compared to other beverages, especially soft drinks. Your child or teen should consume six to eight cups of water everyday. 

Tips: Try only serving water during meals instead of other beverages. Then other beverages such as 100% fruit juices can be offered as snacks. When soft drinks are consumed try and limit the amount your child drinks. All of the harmful effects of soft drinks and beneficial effects of water are true for adults too! Being a good role model makes a difference in not only your health but your family’s as well. 


Sources:,,, Nutrition Through the Life Cycle by Judith E. Brown


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