Healthy Snacks for Before, During, and After the Big Game!

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September 17, 2013 by thehealthyheartcenter

Kids need energy to help them power through a big game–may it be championship soccer game, an important swim meet, or the big baseball tournament. What they eat before, after, or even at halftime could have a great impact on their performance. Be sure to follow these tips on choosing the right snack that gives your child the fuel he or she needs to have fun while playing his or her favorite sport!

  • Before the game: about 1-2 hours before a workout, your child needs to feed its muscles so they can get ready to work hard. Carbohydrates or grains are great fuel for activity that lasts around 60 minutes or less. If your child needs to perform for a little longer, he or she will need protein and fiber to stay fuller and more energized for longer. Some great pre-game snacks include whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, whole grain crackers and hummus, popcorn, low-fat cheese, a glass of skim milk, nuts & seeds, or their favorite lunch meet on a sandwich. 
  • At halftime: this is an important time for your child to rehydrate so they can enjoy the rest of their game. First off, make sure he or she drinks plenty of water in order to avoid dehydration. As for the perfect snack, anything that is “watery” is the perfect choice! Orange slices, cucumber, watermelon, grapes, and other fruits will leave your kids feeling refreshed and ready to finish the rest of the game!
  • After the game: after the big game, your child will need to replace any fluids he or she lost when they were sweating it out on the field. Water, gatorade, or milk are great ways to rehydrate! He or she will also need carbohydrates and protein to replenish his or her muscles after their hard work. Granola bars, trail mix, bagels, string cheese, frozen yogurt, pudding, and pretzels are all options that make the entire team happy!



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