6 Tips to Eating Healthily at Amusement Parks

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July 5, 2013 by thehealthyheartcenter

One of the many places families frequent during the summer months are amusement parks! Typically you think of amusement park food consisting of fried, salty, and fatty foods. While all these types of foods do exist at parks, there are certain strategies that you and your family can use to avoid those high calorie, innutritious refreshments.


#1 Enjoy a healthy and sustaining breakfast before you take off. Starting the day off right is important for having a long afternoon of fun.

#2 Look around while you’re walking from ride to ride; try to identify a good place for lunch—look for a restaurant that serves grilled chicken sandwiches instead of burgers and hot dogs. At lunch try substituting your side of fries with a salad or fruit.

#3 Bring your own snacks! Pack a bag with some fresh fruit and almonds to snack on between meals. This helps you cut down on the amount of money you spend while also providing an alternative to snacking on sweet treats like ice cream and cotton candy.

#4 Cut down on those wasted empty calories…aka soda. Soda may quench your thirst, but on hot days when dehydration is imminent stick with good old H2O. Plus you don’t get those extra calories and added sugar from water.

#5 Stick to your guns. Your kids may beg and plead for every treat they pass, but don’t feel obligated to say ‘yes’ to everything. Of course sweets are okay on occasion, it is important to put a limit on treats.

#6 While healthy eating is important, so is enjoying yourself. Try to wait until toward the end of your day to treat you and your family to their favorite indulgence. Sit down when you’re having your treat instead of walking around, so your kids can focus on enjoying it.

In addition to these tips, don’t forget to focus on the fun too!!


Source:  http://www.eatright.org/kids/article.aspx?id=6442471532


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