Four Easy Steps to Food Safety

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November 28, 2012 by thehealthyheartcenter

An estimated 48 million cases of foodborne illness occur each year in the U.S.  The four following steps can help you keep your family happy and health.


-Wash your hand before and after handling food or petting animals

-Wash all cutting boards, dishes, and utensil.

-Rinse fruits and vegetables.

-Don’t put backpacks and shopping bags on the kitchen table.



-Separate raw meat and poultry in your shopping cart and refrigerator.

-Use separate cutting boards for raw meats and produce.

-Don’t put cooked food on a plate that previously held raw meat- the same goes for utensils!



-Use a good thermometer for meat, poultry, egg dishes, and leftovers.

   Beef roasts and steaks= 145 degrees F

   Pork= 160 degrees F

   Poultry= 165 degrees F

   Leftovers= 165 degrees F

-When microwaving, use microwave safe cookware and rotate the dish by hand for even cooking.



-Refrigerate all perishables immediately after you get home from the store.

-NEVER defrost frozen foods at room temperature- use the refrigerator.

-Marinate food in the refrigerator.

-Don’t let perishable items sit at room temperature for more that 2 hours. 


Sources: The CDC and


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